Local collections

Our local collection initiatives have enabled us to distribute tents, clothes, and essential items to refugees and migrants at closed borders.


We are here to raise awareness - alongside practical and financial donations that can be used to aid our fellow humans.

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We are now collecting directly for our mission to DUNKERQUE in December - you can check out our needs list HERE and if you can help in any way during our stay please contact us directly via email

overland aid mission

Musical events

We wil be continuing to organise Benefit Concerts across Europe in the coming weeks.

We have the use of a 12 metre long lorry that we are currently working on filling up with essential items and a field kitchen to take Dunkerque from December 17th for 3 weeks.

We will be distributing aid and installing a temporary kitchen to provide hot meals for as many people as possible. We have already collected a large amount of winter clothes, shoes and woolly hats and gloves. Decathlon in Montpelier have donated Tents and Sleeping bags (more required).  We still need additional items - professional catering equipment, tables, bulk kitchen ingredients, small back packs, toiletries, torches, nappies, as well as more blankets and tarps. There is a professional catering crew preparing to join us.   We are raising funds over the coming weeks from our digital album release and donations to enable us to fill the lorry and also to purchase fresh ingredients whilst there.  Once we arrive at our destination we will provide people with a hot meal and 'Action Packs' - containing a selection of essential items listed above.  If you can donate for this trip please see a full list of needs on our facebook page or  get in touch directly here:

Aid Mission Dunkerque - We will be heading to Dunkerque for 3 weeks from the 17th December to distribute aid and set up a temporary kitchen area with the intention of feeding as many people as possible. See how you can help us here.

Compilation Album Musicians from all over Europe have donated tracks to be included on this digital album that is scheduled for release on the 13th November on Bandcamp. 

Local collections - Our local collection initiatives have enabled us to distribute essential winter items and food to refugees and migrants displaced at the Italian French Border.

Benefit Concert MARSEILLE - A group of musicians and 'artivists' from Marseille were motivated to organise a benefit concert on the 1st November - see pics here:

​Video here:

current projects

We are all part of a large network of Artists, Musicians, Technicians, Event Organisers and all round creative types that have come together to pool our skills and resources with the purpose of providing direct aid and action to those in genuine need during this humanitarian crisis that is displacing millions of people across Europe.


Avaiable Now via 'Bandcamp' a whole album of electronic music donated from over 35 underground techno artists. Here.

This humanitarian association has been born out of a desire to help others.  We have all been deeply moved by the plight of the millions of refugees and migrants arriving from parts of Africa and the Middle East and war torn Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. 
We have been shocked at their treatment and have brought into question the ethics of our supposedly civilised nations as they build fences and close borders.
We see through the fear mongering and blatant lies and untruths that saturate the media.
We recognise that there is only one race, a human race that inhabits one planet, the earth.
We have taken it upon ourselves to raise awareness and practical and financial donations that can be used to aid our fellow humans that are in desperate need of help, understanding and assistance..